Artist-to-Artist is a monthly critique. All North Coast Artists’ Guild members are invited to bring any of their work for other artists to review, whether the work is complete or not.

Critique is moderated

There are only two rules:
  1. Discussion is only about art, not fundraisers, not administration, just art.
  2. Each artist sets the scope of the critique on each of his/her pieces – so if the artist just wants other eyes to see it and not comment – that’s what we do, or if the desire is just to comment on presentation (framing, mattings, etc.) – that’s what we do, or if the artist wishes to focus on some other specific thing – that’s what we do.

But if the artist wants to throw it open to all reactions, problems, and suggestions, then that’s what they get. The basic premise is that artists generally don’t see their art the way others see it and want to hear how it impacts other viewer. It helps to decide what to put into shows, and what to just leave in the studio for personal viewing.