NCAG Member Pages – Want one?

Jennie Lee Henderson
Jennie Lee Henderson

As you may have noticed, a prominent piece of real estate on the landing page is devoted to a grid with photos of artists at work and an underlying hyperlink to their external web page. There are six on the landing page (accessible by scrolling down or by clicking the menu link under “about” and a large blue button under the grid that leads to a whole page of real estate open to creating photo based links to individual websites.

So, if you have an external website and would like it linked on the NCAG website, please sent me that request, along with the full URL for your site and a color image to serve as the display. I need images that are in 7 X 5 aspect ratio, or a larger image that I can crop to that format.

The image included with the post illustrates an photo perfect for the button face of the link. As long as your photo can be cropped to the illustrated aspect ratio, it will likely work to trigger the link to your website.

Let me know,


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